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Personalised Chain Stitched Embroidered Name Patch


Add some sweet retro vibes to your outfits with this vintage style name patch, featuring customised chain stitch embroidery and available in 6 different colours. 

Featuring the name of your choice and a colourful felt border, these custom name badges are perfect for items of clothing like jackets, tops, shirts or jumpsuits. Or why not accessorise your (or your kids’) accessories, such as hats and rucksacks.

For a truly authentic vintage feel, each custom name patch is created using an original chain stitch machine from 1929. The looping swirls of this embroidery style are carefully and lovingly guided by hand, meaning each and every hand stitched patch is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

As well as choosing your text and colour, you can also choose whether you’d like your vintage style name badge to be sew-on or iron-on. Both are fantastically adhesive, but if you’re looking for a really long lasting patch, I always advise sew-on.

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Chain Stitched Embroidered Name Patch Details

  • Size: Approx: 9cm x 3.5cm (this may vary slightly, depending on length of name)

  • Made from 100% wool felt, so it’s super soft yet durable

  • Available in 5 different colours

  • Choose from sew-on or iron-on styles

  • Individually made to order

  • Freehand-stitched on a vintage machine

  • Personalised embroidery (maximum 12 characters)