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How to Hang your Pennant Flag

I thought I'd write a quick post on the best way to hang your pennant flag.  I get lots of people asking so thought it would be useful to write a quick post on it.

My pennant flags make fantastic kids room or play room wall decor and look great as part of a gallery wall and they really couldn't be easier to put up.


There are a few different ways of displaying your pennant but the way I always advice is using good old fashioned white tack .  You can use thumb tacks too but I prefer not to mark the felt with a hole.  You can also use adhesive command strips like these:


The felt is really light so it doesn't have to be the super strength ones.

You can even frame your pennant too or use the tabs to hang it of a stick or pole.



Before you display it just give your pennant a little blast of steam from the iron or iron it on a medium setting to get rid of any creases.

Simply pop a few small circles of white tack along the back of the strip and one at the tip of the pennant and stick to the wall. 


Pennant Flag packaging


It really couldn't be easier.

See my range of pennant flags here: